The National Resilience Development Strategy - Dominica 2030

On Monday, 18 September 2017 we were ravaged by Hurricane Maria, a strong Category 5 Hurricane which wrought devastation on our beautiful country. This event resulted in significant damage and losses impacting 100% of our population and every sector of the economy. You have been made aware that Hurricane Maria resulted in EC $3.54 billion (US $1.313 billion) in damages and losses; equivalent of 226% of GDP. The recovery and reconstruction needs are valued at EC $3.69 billion (US $1.37 billion).

In my address to the United Nations four days after the passage of Hurricane Maria, I made a bold declaration that we were on the frontline of climate change and that we had no options but to build the first climate resilient country of the world. That declaration is as real today as the day it was made. Much has been done since, but you would agree that there is much more to be done to make this a reality.

It became imperative for this Government to clearly define an action plan which would put into perspective the framework for rebuilding a climate resilient and sustainable Dominica. Much of the national vision is encapsulated in Agenda 2030. My Government is fully committed to the realization of that vision, but it is also a call to all our people at home and abroad to be engaged in this new resilience development frame.

May this document become our resilience textbook utilized in the public and private sector, civil society and academia and referenced by development partners, friendly governments and other stakeholders upon whom we rely for a collective response to this mandate.

Read the entire The National Resilience Development Strategy - Dominica 2030 (PDF, 2,615 KB) document.

Posted: 08/11/2018