Grant for First Time Home Owners

Eligibility Criteria for Grants to First Time Home Builders

  • Individuals must be forty (40) years of age or less (proof of age required) evidenced in the presentation of passport, birth certificate or social security card;
  • Individuals annual income must be less than One hundred thousand dollars ($100,000.00) evidenced by presentation of payment slip or letter from employer;
  • Individuals must be first time owners of a home and/or land evidenced by a letter from the Village Council Chairperson or Justice of Peace where the individual resides;
  • Individuals must present a copy of the approval from the Planning Division for construction of the house and must also present evidence of commencement of construction of the house which may include up-to-date photographs;
  • Individuals must present evidence that financing for construction or purchase of the house and/or land has been secured;
  • Individuals intending to purchase a new home from someone must present evidence of intent to sell from the seller;

This support will be provided in the form of grant vouchers to a maximum of ten thousand dollars (EC$10,000) per approved applicant and shall be put towards the purchase of building materials, payment of labour/construction costs, property transfer fees in relation to the purchase of a home and insurance premium costs.

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