June 26th to 29th, 2018

Success in the art of 21st century corporate and diplomatic communication requires polished communication skills with very broad audiences. The power to influence, to effectively engage, and to form productive partnerships with others are closely linked to the ability to connect with audiences in a positive manner. Not only must messages be clear and persuasive, they must be delivered in a manner that conveys credibility. Corporate and diplomatic communication involves message clarity, in both speaking and writing, coupled with a positive perception of the communicator and his/her organization. Corporate and Diplomatic Communication uniquely requires the ability to win not only points or arguments, but also win trusted colleagues and associates and sustain strong collegial, professional relationships.

The Art of Diplomatic and Corporate Communication will provide practical knowledge and skill-building, thereby empowering participants to increase their capabilities with and control over both spoken and written communication. The overall goal of the workshop is to enhance the skill level in corporate and diplomatic communication regarding business writing, briefing skills, and serving as a corporate or diplomatic representative. Participants will create written documents and receive individual, detailed evaluations from the instructor and also deliver presentations and receive individual feedback and coaching. The main objective is for participants to significantly enhance their corporate and diplomatic communication skills.

Learning Objectives

Participants will walk away with skills in:

  • Adapting to cross-cultural audiences
  • Writing for persuasive effect
  • Speaking with competence, credibility, and control
  • Using social media appropriately
  • Serving as a corporate and diplomatic representative

Expected Outcomes

At the end of the four-day training, participants will be better able to:

  • Adapt to Cross-Cultural Audiences
  • Create Core Messages
  • Reduce Speech Anxiety
  • Construct Persuasive Strategies for Maximum Effect
  • Deliver Effectively with Confidence and Control
  • Manage and Control Question and Answer Sessions
  • Listen Actively
  • Write in Plain, yet Diplomatic, Language
  • Master Polished Nonverbal Communication
  • Use Social Media Effectively and Appropriately
  • Represent the Mission or Corporation
  • Communicate with Competence, Credibility, and Professional Ease

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Posted: 18/05/2018