Land Acquisition for the East Coast Road Works

The Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP) is in the process of completing interviews for the preparation of Affidavits for unregistered properties along the East Coast Roads, from Pont Casse to Petite Soufriere and Castle Bruce to Hatton Garden.

The following individuals, or their agents, living relatives (in the case of the deceased) or other relevant authority, are asked to visit the Project Coordination Unit (PCU) on #38 Cork Street, Roseau or contact us at 266 3139/3133. Other owners of unregistered properties who have not been interviewed by representatives of the PCU are also asked to contact the office.

Property Owner Location of Property
Sweden Thomas William Estate
Avid Lanquedoc Fond Melle
David Bannis Belle Fille
Augustus Nation Part of Castle Bruce Estate
Mathalena Jacob Part of Castle Bruce Estate
Achille Nation Bajo Gutter
Paul and Virginia Roberts Part of Castle Bruce Estate
Lazare Joseph Castle Bruce Estate
Sylvester Scotland Tranto
Clarence Vigilant Tranto
Samuel Mingo Dipax
Melinda Roma Florent Tranto
Ivan Seraphine Tranto
St Ois Bonnie Tranto
Rachell Bonnie Morpo
Clevette Nurse Morpo
Thomas Darroux Good Hope
Ezekiel Durand San Sauveur
Matthew Durand San Sauveur
Clara Toussaint San Sauveur
Estate Marianna Sanderson San Sauveur
Rosilia Durand San Sauveur
Alie Warrington San Sauveur
John Joseph San Sauveur
William Stoute San Sauveur
Heirs of Souvenna Sanderson Petite Soufriere
Marianna Sanderson Petite Soufriere
Emmanuel Eustache Petite Soufriere
Phillian Prosper Petite Soufriere
Alexander Lafond Petite Soufriere
Camelita Warrington Petite Soufriere
John Jno Pierre Petite Soufriere
Julie Benjamin Petite Soufriere
Shirley Rosa Durand Petite Soufriere
Jefferson Prevost Castle Bruce
Molly Scotland Castle Bruce
Enuncia Richards Castle Bruce
Marcus JnoBaptiste Castle Bruce
Dodimine Cornelius Castle Bruce
Dorian Rolle Castle Bruce
Christian Union Church of Castle Bruce Castle Bruce
Moses Wiltshire Castle Bruce
Juliana Scotland & Douglas Wiltshire Castle Bruce
Baya George Castle Bruce
Jacob George Castle Bruce
Janet Drigo Castle Bruce
Alphonso Austrie Castle Bruce
Willie Rolle Castle Bruce
Frederick Alfred Castle Bruce
Gladys St Louis Castle Bruce
Lennard Baptiste Castle Bruce
Dave Alfred Castle Bruce
Bright Joseph Castle Bruce
Marvis St Rose Castle Bruce
Bernard Bannis Castle Bruce
Jacob Durand Castle Bruce
James Baptiste Castle Bruce
Gregory Lockhart Castle Bruce
Nichole Thomas Castle Bruce
Lennox St Amie Castle Bruce
Andrea Samuel Castle Bruce
DOMCAN's Restaurant Castle Bruce
Vantil Fagan Castle Bruce
Mark Steele (Beau Rive Hotel) Castle Bruce
Lorna Stephenson Castle Bruce
Dolly Sorhaindo Castle Bruce
Christine Toussaint Castle Bruce
Isaac Baptiste Castle Bruce
Boy Joseph Castle Bruce
Reymold Augustine Atkinson
Alfred Laurent Atkinson
Jean Lawrence Mathurin Atkinson
George Valmond Atkinson
Euphrasia Durand Atkinson
Barrington Pond Atkinson
Watson Laville Atkinson
Skiffe Baron Atkinson
Agatha Sully Atkinson
Vincent Nicholls Atkinson

Posted: 24/09/2018