Evacuation of Petite Savanne

The Petite Savanne Community was declared a Special Disaster Area by the Hon. Prime Minister, following the passage of Tropical Storm Erika. In this regard, Government, on the advice of the Disaster Management Coordinator, has decided to evacuate all residents of Petite Savanne. Residents of Petite Savanne are therefore asked to gather at the area of the Roman Catholic Church and Morne Towpis to facilitate transfer. Priority consideration will be given to children, elderly and the physically challenged.

Family members in Roseau and environs are asked to receive evacuated residents at the Dominica Grammar School. Residents with no family accommodation in Roseau and environs, immediate accommodation will be provided for them at the Dominica Grammar School.

Family members in Roseau and environs are also asked to contact the Emergency Operations Office at Tel # 767-266-3148/3221 for further information. Government continues to ensure that the welfare of citizens of all affected communities is safeguarded. Let us continue to pray for protection and quick recovery.