How Do I Prepare for a Subdivision Development?

  1. Obtain a Survey Plan of the plot and Certificate of Title.
  2. Discuss intention with family members.
  3. Discuss the Subdivision Plan with your surveyor.
  4. Think long term, and prepare a Comprehensive Plan of your property.
  5. Check with the Physical Planning Division for Development Plan of that area.
  6. Consult with the Physical Planning Division for advice on:
    • The kind of uses suitable for that particular area.
    • The type of subdivision recommended for that particular area.
    • Lot density applicable to the area (Low, Medium or High density).
    • Minimum lot size which is determined by:
      1. Soil type (percolation capability of soil) which determines the sewerage system suitable for area.
      2. Character of the area.
  7. Prepare Subdivision Plan. The plan should include:
    • Different uses (e.g. commercial, institutional, recreational relevant to the area and size of development)
    • Dimension of lots
    • Lot numbers
    • Roads
    • Cross-section of road
    • Contours which indicate slope of land
    • Existing and proposed Water lines (Water Reticulation Plan prepared by a qualified engineer and certified by DOWASCO)
    • Existing and proposed electricity poles
    • Location of garbage disposal
  8. Plan must be checked by relevant agencies for recommendation:
    • Environmental Health
    • DOMLEC
    • Agricultural Department
    • Forestry Division
    • Fisheries Division

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