Setbacks Standards to be Observed in Respect of Developments in Built-up Areas Outside of Approved Subdivisions

Areas/Settlements to which standards are applicable:

Central Roseau, Newtown, Loubiere, Pointe Michel, Soufriere, Scotts Head, Massacre, Mahaut, Layou, St. Joseph, Mero, Salisbury, Coulibistrie, Dublanc, Bioche, Central Portsmouth and Lagoon.

  1. The minimum distance to be maintained between a proposed building/extension and the front boundary of the lot to which such building relates shall be determined by the existing building line of permanent structures along such street/road.
  2. The distance between a proposed building or extension and the side boundary of lot to which it relates shall not be less than 2'-8" for lots with frontage of 40 feet or less; and 3'-0" for lots with frontage of more than 40 feet.
  3. The distance between a proposed building/extension and the back boundary of the lot to which it relates shall not be less than:
    1. 5'6" in the case of single and two floor single and two family residential or residential/commercial buildings;
    2. 7'-6" in the case of multi-family one and two storey residential or residential/commercial buildings, and three or more storey residential or residential/commercial buildings;
    3. 4'-0" in the case of one and two storey ‘commercial buildings";
    4. 6'-0" in the case of three or more storey ‘commercial buildings';
  4. The Committee may, after considering the opinion/comments of the adjoining property owner(s) permit a building/extension to be erected less than 2'-8" from only one of the side boundaries of the lot to which it relates.
  5. At least one side boundary setback space which shall not be less than 2'-8" wide at any point shall be left free of obstruction through-out.
  6. Only a step or part of the roof structure shall be permitted on or over the space around a building. In the case of side boundary spaces, such steps shall be permitted on one side only; one such roof overhang (eave) shall not exceed 15" and 36" on the sides and back boundary spaces respectively;
  7. All setback shall be measured along straight lines which are perpendicular to the exterior wall of the proposed building/extension;
    Recommendations are based on the fact that in the majority of cases the size of the lots in the said built-up areas are much smaller than those obtained in the approved subdivisions. Consequently, the current setbacks for sub-division planning cannot be enforced/adopted in those areas.

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