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Report of the Regional Marijuana Commission

Update 1: Road Access & Utilities


Areas of Dominica now accessible via vehicular traffic -

  • West Coast: there is access from Roseau through Portsmouth.
  • South bound: there is access from Roseau to Soufriere and Loubiere to Bellevue Chopin.
  • The interior: there is access from Roseau through Antrim to Pond Cassé through Formel to Castle Bruce through Kalinago Territory to Marigot through to Portsmouth.


About 45% of the area is without power. Areas without electical power: Mero to Campbell, beyond Snug Corner, Soufriere to Scott's Head, East Coast including Petite Soufriere/Good Hope all the way to the Kalinago Territory.


Relief sent to Petite Savanne, Bath Estate, Colihaut and Coulibistrie, Bioche, Soufriere, Scott's Head (water).


Communities where evacuation has taken place:

  1. Petite Savanne
  2. Bath Estate
  3. Coulibistrie (voluntary - persons took on their own)
  4. Dubique