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Report of the Regional Marijuana Commission

Update 2: Road Access

  1. From Roseau southwards to Soufriere is motorable.
  2. From Roseau to Loubiere to Bellevue is motorable.
  3. From Roseau, northwards along the west coast to Batalie is accessible. Four-wheel-drive vehicles can access Portsmouth via bypasses at Layou, Macoucherie and Batalie. However, the Batalie bypass is difficult. There are diversions at Coulibistrie and Pointe Ronde but the one at Pointe Ronde is not confirmed.
  4. From Roseau to Pond Cassé to Castle Bruce, Kalinago Territory unto Marigot is motorable.
  5. Northwards, from Portsmouth to Marigot is accessible and Portsmouth to Capuchin is accessible. Portsmouth to Vieille Case and Penville are also accessible.