The Senior Financial Manager of the IST will be responsible for the overall management of the financial matters of WB-Supported projects as part of the project implementation arrangements, in accordance with the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica [GoCD] and World Bank’s financial management requirements. The Senior Financial Manager will coordinate closely and receive all necessary support from the financial management officers of the WB projects.

Key Responsibilities

Ensure effective financial resource management:

  • Maintaining an integral accounting system for all approved Project activities, utilizing standard accounting procedures, which will ensure full documentation and recording of sources and uses of funds;
  • Preparing the Financial Management Reports and Financial Statements for all the Project activities;
  • Preparation of quarterly financial reports (expenditure and revenue) for the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica (GoCD) and quarterly Financial Management Reports for the World Bank (Project budgetary control and input into Project Progress Reports);
  • Ensuring that Project expenditures are incurred for the intended purpose;
  • Ensure the adequate implementation of financial management procedures across the complete portfolio of World Bank projects in Dominica;
  • Ensure the timely production and submission of interim financial monitoring reports (IFRs) in coordination with the Financial Officers of the different PIUs;
  • Lead the preparation and submission of financial reports of disbursements/payments to suppliers and to the MoF;
  • Assess reports received from internal/external auditors and following up any audit queries/management letters;
  • Define and implement financial procedures in line with the Government of Dominica and the World Bank financial guidelines;
  • Request information and relevant documents carry out IST’s functions from the financial perspective;
  • Coordinate the maintenance of accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems to make sure they are in compliance with appropriate standards and regulatory requirements;
  • Coordinate the functioning of the accounting system in accordance with the Operational Manual and the guidelines provided by the World Bank;
  • Request information necessary for the preparation of annual budgets and financial reports;
  • Coordinate the development of appropriate reporting mechanisms, tools and templates to facilitate consistent, adequate and timely reporting;
  • Ensure the chart of accounts is updated;
  • Ensure adequate preparation and coordination for audits and work with the PIU and the external audit team during the auditing process;
  • Provide strategic and accurate financial information to the IST Portfolio Manager to ensure evidence-based decision making;
  • Review and check withdrawal applications prepared for drawdown of the World Bank funds for all activities;
  • Prepare the WB-Supported projects’ Budget estimates/Cash Flow Projections and allocation for Project activities in consultation and coordination with the financial officers of the different PIU;
  • Review and verify accuracy of information on payment vouchers for signing of checks;
  • Verify and ensure the availability of funds before payments are processed;
  • Prepare payment vouchers before payments are processed for all Project activities;
  • Manage Project expenditures, ensuring full compliance with project rules and procedures (as per the Project Operational Manual and WB Project Guidelines);
  • Establish and maintain suitable systems of internal control (including procurement - goods, works and services, fixed assets, civil works, inventories management and distribution);
  • Review, verify and certify monthly and special financial statements and reports, including expenditure reports and Bank Reconciliation Statements;
  • Assist in updating the Project Operational Manual;
  • Develop a Financial Procedures Manual and update regularly;
  • Ensure compliance with operating procedures of donors (e.g. Procurement, Disbursements, Special Accounts, Special Commitments, etc...);
  • Ensure the alignment of WB projects management information systems and the financial management systems of Dominica;

Expression of Interest

Interested applicants should submit their CV and a letter of motivation / application stating suitability for the position on or before June 22, 2018 to the Financial Secretary of the Ministry of Finance (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). References may be requested to be provided if necessary, on demand.

View the entire Implementation Support Team (IST) Financial Manager (PDF, 40 KB) vacancy announcement.

Posted: 29/05/2018