Project Engineer (HRP)

The Commonwealth of Dominica has secured financing from the International Development Association (IDA) credit and a Crisis Response Window Grant for the Housing Recovery Project (HRP). The HRP will contribute both to the recovery of housing for disaster-affected vulnerable households and to improving the application of resilient building practices in the housing sector. The project is financing support for housing recovery systems and capacity building, support for the reconstruction of about 1,700 houses for vulnerable families, and project management and coordination. It has been formulated in keeping with the GoCD's National Housing Repair and Reconstruction Programme (NHRRP). The HRP is part of an overall development partner initiative to support medium- and long-term recovery in Dominica, and is part of a broader World Bank recovery portfolio comprising two other operations: (i) an Emergency Agricultural Livelihoods and Climate Resilience Project; and (ii) an Additional Financing to the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project.

A stand-alone Project Implementation Unit (PIU) has been established under the Ministry of Housing, Land and Water Resource Management to be responsible for the timely implementation and execution of the HRP program. The PIU reports directly to the Permanent Secretary (PS) of this ministry and liaises with its technical divisions and the Ministry of Planning (MoP) as well as the Housing Task Force (HTF), responsible for overseeing sector recovery. In the implementation of the Program, the PIU has support from an Implementation Support Team (IST), which is housed in (the Ministry of Finance and includes expertise in procurement, social/environmental safeguards and financial management, and serves as a shared resource across all World Bank financed projects in Dominica.

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Posted: 13/01/2020