Head of State

Her Excellency President Sylvanie Burton

Her Excellency
Sylvanie Burton

Her Excellency Sylvanie Burton

On Monday, October 2nd 2023, Her Excellency President Sylvanie Burton was inaugurated at the State House, following her receipt of the Dominica Award Of Honour a day prior. Mrs. Burton's election was decisively confirmed with a 20-5 vote during the Fifth Meeting of The First Session of The Eleventh Parliament on September 27, 2023. Notably, she has made history as both the first female and the first indigenous individual to assume the esteemed role of President of Dominica.

Hailing from Salybia, within the Kalinago Territory, Mrs. Burton has an illustrious background in public service. Her most recent position was that of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Rural Modernization, Kalinago Upliftment, and Constituency Empowerment.

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