Economic Partnership Agreement between CARIFORUM States and the European Community

The objectives of this Agreement are:

  • Contributing to the reduction and eventual eradication of poverty through the establishment of a trade partnership consistent with the objective of sustainable development, the Millennium Development Goals and the Cotonou Agreement;
  • Promoting regional integration, economic cooperation and good governance thus establishing and implementing an effective, predictable and transparent regulatory framework for trade and investment between the Parties and in the CARIFORUM region;
  • Promoting the gradual integration of the CARIFORUM States into the world economy, in accordance with their political choices and development priorities;
  • Improving the CARIFORUM States' capacity in trade policy and trade related issues;
  • Supporting the conditions for increasing investment and private sector initiative and enhancing supply capacity, competitiveness and economic growth in the CARIFORUM region;
  • Strengthening the existing relations between the Parties on the basis of solidarity and mutual interest. To this end, taking into account their respective levels of development and consistent with WTO obligations, the Agreement shall enhance commercial and economic relations, support a new trading dynamic between the Parties by means of the progressive, asymmetrical liberalisation of trade between them and reinforce, broaden and deepen cooperation in all areas relevant to trade and investment.

Read more about this agreement (PDF, 10 MB)

Posted: 19/07/2012