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The Meritorious Service Act Chapter 19:09 (PDF, 156 KB) of the Revised Laws of Dominica is an Act to provide for the conferring of honours on persons who have rendered commendable service to the State of Dominica. Each year, on the 3rd Day of November, the President confers honours on persons who have rendered meritorious service to the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Dominica Award of Honour is the Award of the highest recognition under this Act. This award is conferred on persons who have made a significant contribution to the country's development. Each President of Dominica is bestowed with that honour. This medal is not necessarily conferred every year.

This award has been bestowed on the following persons:

  • Dr. Nicholas J.O. Liverpool - former President of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Sir Clarence Seignoret, H.E. Vernon Lorden Shaw, H.E. Crispin Sorhaindo - former President of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Sister Alicia de Tremmerie - ICM Sister
  • Arch Bishop Kelvin Felix
  • Dame Mary Eugenia Charles - Former Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Mrs. Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel (deceased)
  • Mr. E. O Leblanc (deceased)
  • the Carib People
  • His Excellency Fidel Castro Ruz.
  • Sir Louis Cools Lartigue (deceased)

The Second highest Award is the Sisserou Award of Honour. Recipients of this Award include: Dominica Government Band, Honourable Charles Savarin, Mr. Conrad McIntyre, Dr. Bernard Sorhaindo, Mrs. Ophelia Olivacee-Marie.

The Meritorious Service Award is bestowed on citizens who have made valuable contributions to Dominica in the Public Sector, Services Sector, Religion, Social Work, Human Resources, Agriculture, Politics and other fields. Recipients of this Award include: Mr. Raymond Lawrence, Ms. Pearl Christian, WCK Band, Exile One, Grammacks, Monsignor William John Lewis.

Services Medal of Honour is bestowed on persons or organizations that have provided valuable contribution to the development of the country in the area of community and social development. Past recipients include the Lions Club of Dominica, Cavalier Sports Club, Mr. Willie Fevrier, Mrs. Marguerite Bascombe, Mrs. Stella Symes and the Alpha Centre.

The Long Service Medal is bestowed on public officers (current or retired) who have given long service, usually over 20 years in a particular field: namely Police, Fire, Prisons, Education, Health, Agriculture or any other discipline. Past recipients include Mr. Algernon Charter, Julien Jno. Baptiste (deceased), Mr. Norman Letang, Mr. Desmond Blanchard, Mr. Matthias Lestrade.

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