National Service Awards Register

The Meritorious Service Act Chapter 19:09 (PDF 156KB) of the Revised Laws of Dominica is an Act to provide for the conferring of honours on persons who have rendered commendable service to the State of Dominica. Each year, on the 3rd Day of November, the President confers honours on persons who have rendered meritorious service to the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Dominica Award of Honour is the Award of the highest recognition under this Act. This award is conferred on persons who have made a significant contribution to the country's development. Each President of Dominica is bestowed with that honour. This medal is not necessarily conferred every year.

This award has been bestowed on the following persons:

  • Dr. Nicholas J.O. Liverpool - former President of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Sir Clarence Seignoret, H.E. Vernon Lorden Shaw, H.E. Crispin Sorhaindo - former President of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Sister Alicia de Tremmerie - ICM Sister
  • Arch Bishop Kelvin Felix
  • Dame Mary Eugenia Charles - Former Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica
  • Mrs. Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel (deceased)
  • Mr. E. O Leblanc (deceased)
  • the Carib People
  • His Excellency Fidel Castro Ruz.
  • Sir Louis Cools Lartigue (deceased)

The Second highest Award is the Sisserou Award of Honour. Recipients of this Award include: Dominica Government Band, Honourable Charles Savarin, Mr. Conrad McIntyre, Dr. Bernard Sorhaindo, Mrs. Ophelia Olivacee-Marie.

The Meritorious Service Award is bestowed on citizens who have made valuable contributions to Dominica in the Public Sector, Services Sector, Religion, Social Work, Human Resources, Agriculture, Politics and other fields. Recipients of this Award include: Mr. Raymond Lawrence, Ms. Pearl Christian, WCK Band, Exile One, Grammacks, Monsignor William John Lewis.

Services Medal of Honour is bestowed on persons or organizations that have provided valuable contribution to the development of the country in the area of community and social development. Past recipients include the Lions Club of Dominica, Cavalier Sports Club, Mr. Willie Fevrier, Mrs. Marguerite Bascombe, Mrs. Stella Symes and the Alpha Centre.

The Long Service Medal is bestowed on public officers (current or retired) who have given long service, usually over 20 years in a particular field: namely Police, Fire, Prisons, Education, Health, Agriculture or any other discipline. Past recipients include Mr. Algernon Charter, Julien Jno. Baptiste (deceased), Mr. Norman Letang, Mr. Desmond Blanchard, Mr. Matthias Lestrade. A pdf version (121KB) is available for download here.




1967   Waddy Astaphan, Esq.
Edmund Chriscenterher Loblack, Esq.
Mrs. Cecile Andre
1968   Mrs. Aileen T. Shillingford
William T. Murphy, Esq.
Julien L.A. Giraud, Esq.
1969   Miss Hyacinth T.R. Elwin
Phillip Gregory Alleyne, Esq.
Conrad William Cyrus, Esq.
1970   Miss Rosamund Bertrand
Valantine Sylvester Joseph, Esq.
Wilfred Oscar Morgan Pond, Esq.
1971   Miss Jean Agatha Lawrence
Hugh Fabien, Esq.
Jefferson Oliver Fitz Allan Charles, Esq.
1972   Clement John Ferreira, Esq.
Hubert Nicholas Joseph, Esq.
Reverend Raymond Proesmans, C.S.R., Esq.
1973   Mrs. Gertrude Roberts
Reuben Heskeith Casimir, Esq.
Nathaniel Samuel Roberts Esq.
1974   Miss Margaret Joseph
Etienne Pascal Esq.
Reginald St. Hayvisse Shillingford, Esq.
1975 Dominica Award of Honour Monsieur Jaques Le Connec, Esq.
Private Raphail Registe, Esq.
Inspector Percival "Skerret" James, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Trotter Benoit Stoute, Esq.
Samuel John-Lewis, Esq.
George Elias Fingal, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Irma Helen Waldron
Charles Alexander Maynard, Esq.
1976 Dominica Award of Honour Edward Oliver Le Blanc, Esq.
Irving Theodore Shillingford, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Monsieur Max Pierre Vincent, Esq.
Louis Benoit, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Peter Gittens Blanc, Esq.
Mrs. Ursula Dominique
1977 Dominica Award of Honour Phillip Nassief, Esq.
Cecil A. Burton, Esq.
R.E. Henry, Esq.
Miss Norma Garrard
Mrs. Alexia Le Blanc
  Sisserou Award of Honour Miss Gertrude Davis
Mrs. Adelaide Noel
The Grammacks of St. Joseph
Exile-1 of Roseau
1978 Dominica Award of Honour Sir Louis Cools-Lartigue O.B.E., Esq.
Hon. P.R. John J.B., M., Esq.
Hon. L.I. Austin O.B.E., Q.C., Esq.
Dr. Phillip Boyd, M.D., D. Ge., Esq.
  Sisserou Award of Honour Hon. H.L. Christian M.B.E., , Esq.
J.C.Sir Bruce Greatbatch, Esq.
Monsieur Oliver Stirn, Esq.
Martin Allen,Esq.
  Meritorious Service Award E.A. Leslie, Esq.
T.G. Joseph, Esq.
J.C. Lloyd, Esq.
H. Desiree, Esq.
The Gaylords
J. Mourillon, Esq.
1980 Meritorious Service Award Fred White, Esq.
L.C. Didier, Esq.
The Swinging Stars Orchestra
Edward Andre, Esq.
Roland Peter, Esq.
Rev. Sister Maria Reynaert
Rev. Sister Joyce Foga
1981 Sisserou Award of Honour Alick Bernard Lazare, Esq.
Mrs. Doris Elfreda Musgrave
The Dominica Government Band
Meritorious Service Award William Jeremiah P. Bunche, Esq.
Peter John Daniel, Esq.
Jan-Maarten Wit, Esq.
1982 Sisserou Award of Honour The Rotary Club of Dominica
Meritorious Service Award James McKenzie, Esq.
Mrs. Albertha Christian
1983 Sisserou Award of Honour Kenneth A. Richards, Esq.
Dr. Bernard. S. Benjamin, Esq.
Dr. J. Bernard Yankey, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Vincent Angelo Winston, Esq.
Miss Camille Winston
Miss Eileen Burton
Mrs. Leah Commodore
Mrs. Lena Joseph
Long Service Medal SP. Thomas Newton Bannis,Esq.
ASP Davis Moise, Esq.
Retired Supt. of Prisons, Nelson Blanc, Esq.
Asst. Supt. of Prisons, Alfred Joseph, Esq.
Leading Fireman, Thomas Joseph, Esq.
Station Officer, Arthur Challenger, Esq.
1984 Sisserou Award of Honour Edward Davidson Elwin, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Olivia Williams
Miss Helen Smith
Long Service Medal Mrs. Agnes Martin
Arnorm Robin Esq.
Wendell McKenzie Christian, Esq.
Melbourne Joseph, Esq.
1985 Sisserou Award of Honour Miss Elizabeth Alfred
Alwyn Bully, Esq.
Anthony Joseph, Esq.
Long Service Medal Patrick Joseph, Esq.
Mc. Elson Harry, Esq.
1986 Meritorious Service Award Hesborn Shipley, Esq.
Radcliff Richards, Esq.
Harrison Edwards, Esq.
Joseph Ferdinand, Esq.
Clement St. Rose, Esq.
1987 Sisserou Award of Honour Lennox Honychurch, Esq.
Colin Bully, Esq.
Rupert Sorhaindo, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Francis Ashby, Esq.
Long Service Medal Desmond Blanchard, Esq.
Evander Joseph, Esq.
Simon Darroux, Esq.
Phillip Bertrand, Esq.
Arnold Telemacque, Esq.
1988 Dominica Award of Honour Rev. Dr. Phillip Potter, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Dr. L.J. Charles, Esq.
Barrie Strafford, Esq.
Ashworth Elwin, Esq.
Mrs. Agatha Shillingford
J.D. Archbold, Esq.
Michael White, Esq.
Mrs. Gwendolyn Robin Cable
Mrs. Ethelca Brand
George Carrington, Esq.
Long Service Medal Francis Hillaire, Esq.
Rupert Bernabe, Esq.
Laud Davis, Esq.
Felicien Matthew, Esq.
Elwood Robin, Esq.
Symbert Wiltshire, Esq.
Clement Samuel, Esq.
1989 Meritorious Service Award Unsworth Kingston Andrew Esq.
Haynes Emmanuel, Esq.
Quammie Greenaway, Esq.
Cuthbert Julien, Esq.
Stanford Matthew, Esq.
Long Service Medal Inspector Jerome Pierre, ESq.
Inspector Sylvester Jno. Baptiste, Esq.
Sergeant Matthew Pascal, Esq.
Station Officer Egbert Cuffy, Esq.
Senior Prison Officer Albert Cyprien, Esq
1990 Sisserou Award of Honour Vernon Lorden Shaw, Esq.
Pattison A.S. Stevens, Esq.
Dr. Desmond O.N. McIntyre, O.B.E., Esq.
Long Service Medal Inspector Joseph Challenger, Esq.
Sub-Station Officer Saran F. Cognet, Esq.
1991 Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Molly Didier
Terrence Bethel, Esq.
Mrs. Neva Edwards
1992 Sisserou Award of Honour Masterwell C. Doctrove, Esq.
Felix Henderson, Esq.
Karol Winski, Esq.
  Long Service Medal Matthias Lestrade, Esq.
Hansel Valerie, Esq.
Francis Peter, Esq.
Clem Francis Esq.
1993 Dominica Award of Honour Sir Clarence Seignoret G.C.B., C.O.L., Kt. M., O.S.J., O.B.E., Esq.
  Meritorious Service Award Rev. Fr. Clement Jolly
Rev. Pastor Simeon Simon
Mrs. Athena Darroux
Stanislaus K. Cuffy, Esq.
  Long Service Medal Asst. Supt. Clement Pierre Louis, Esq.
Ag. Asst. Supt. Edmund Darroux, Esq.
Inspector Antoine Martin, Esq.
Inspector Charles Cuffy, Esq.
1994 Dominica Award of Honour Sister Alicia De Tremmerie
  Meritorious Service Award Isaac Eloi, Esq.
Rawle Hector, Esq.
  Services Medal of Honour Mrs. Stella Symes
Mrs. Innis Douglas
Mrs. Janet Chambers
  Long Service Medal Insp. Cecil Severin, Esq.
Insp. S.A. Burton, Esq.
Insp. M. Sylvester, Esq.
Dorival M. Valerie, Esq.
Edward Gregoire, Esq.
Sylvester Jno Baptiste, Esq.
Phillip Bertrand, Esq.
Edmund Savarin, Esq.
1995 Sisserou Award of Honour Fr. Francis Huysmans CSSR
Egbert H. Charles, Esq.
Jerome Romain, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Thaddeus Williams, Esq.
John Moise, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Mrs Dorothy James
Ms. Evadney Richards
Mrs Edith Felix
Mrs Frances Riviere
Ms. Theona Frederick
Long Service Medal Insp. Nicholas George, Esq.
Insp. Cyril Carrette, Esq.
Insp. Duke Severin, Esq.
Insp. Oliver Frederick, ESq.
Ensley Pierre, Esq.
1996 Dominica Award of Honour Justice Phillip Telford Georges OCC, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs Denise Defoe
Clement Cato Ferreira, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Mrs Theodora Eustache
James K. Henderson, Esq.
Peter J.F. Israel, Esq.
Long Service Medal Clement Z. Burton, Esq.
1997 Sisserou Award of Honour Dr. Robert Ross, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Phillip K. Williams, Esq.
Roland James, Esq.
Mrs. Bernadette Frederick
Services Medal of Honour Francis Bruney, Esq.
Mrs. Agatha Delawney
Long Service Medal Acting Assistant Superintendent Samuel Luckie, Esq.
Inspector Charles Roberts, Esq.
Sergeant Julien Delsol, Esq.
1998 Meritorious Service Award Arthur Burton, Esq.
Kenneth Telemacque, ESq.
Ms. Cynthia Stephenson
Chriscenterher C. Maximea, Esq.
Ms. Catherine Majorie Beautreau
Sag Toyota Somerset Sports Club
Services Medal of Honour Ms. Josephine Evangelina Josephs
Long Service Medal Acting Assistant Superintendent Philsbert Alfred, Esq.
Inspector Joel Lloyd, Esq.
Corporal Veronica Labassiere, Esq.
Corporal Marie Seraphine, ESq.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Angelo Matthew, Esq.
Station Officer Gibson Boyd Christmas, ESq.
Station Officer Walter Jeremy, Esq
1999 Dominica Award of Honour Archbishop Kelvin E. Felix, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Mrs. Ophelia Olivacee Marie
Mrs. Vernice Bellony
Garnet Didier, Esq.
Monsignor Eustace Thomas, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Scully Pascal, Esq.
Mrs. Ramona Blanc
Sr. Julia Matthyssen
Thomas C. Baptiste, Esq.
Clanis J. James, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Ms. Cynthia Shaw
Mrs. Euta Jones
Mrs. Viella Bruney
Mrs. Rachie Linton
Meshach Linton, Esq.
Long Service Medal Luke Thomas, Esq.
Ms. Yvonne Alexander
Inspector Gabriel St. Jean, Esq.
John Julien, Esq.
Dennis Blanc, Esq.
Godfrey Africa, Esq.
Leonard Newton, Esq.
2000 Dominica Award of Honour Dame Mary Eugenia Charles
Sisserou Award of Honour Reuben Hesketh Casimir, Esq.
Reverend William Wilberforce Watty, Esq.
Deles Warrington, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Irma Lafond-Joseph
Mrs. Doreen Francis
Billy Doctrove, Esq.
Pastor/Evangelist Horace John Lewis, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Felix Gregoire, Esq.
Mrs. Rhona Fingal
Arborfield Gillis Rabess, Esq.
Long Service Medal Gifford Williams, Esq.
Sylvester Roberts, Esq.
Inspector Alfred Alie, Esq.
Sergeant Gifford Charles, ESq.
2001 Dominica Award of Honour H.E. Vernon Lorden Shaw, Esq.
Crispin Sorhaindo, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Rev. Fr. Hilaire MauPetit
Herbert J. Winston, Esq.
Charles Gregoire, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Paris H. Williams, Esq.
Bertrand Bruney, Esq.
Ms. Jennifer Nanton
Mrs. Phyllis Charles
Cymbert Angol, Esq.
Mrs. Augustina Celestine Hunter
Lawrence Darroux, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Mrs. Judith Vivian Baptiste
Mrs. Patricia Benjamin
Maurice Joseph, Esq.
Clifford Wallace, Esq.
Mrs. Seraphine Blanchard
Long Service Medal Lambert Antoine, Esq.
Oscar Coipel, Esq.
Knight Cuffy, Esq.
Inspector Casimir Andreas Bernard Joseph, Esq.
Sergeant Trueman Edward John Howe, Esq.
Band Sergeant Bingsworth Casimir, Esq.
2002 Dominica Award of Honour Mrs. Elizabeth (Ma Pampo) Israel
Sisserou Award of Honour Julian N. Johnson, Esq.
Rev. Fr. Reginald LaFleur, Esq.
Clem John, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Jennifer Yvonne Doctrove
Miss Olive Isaac
Miss Agnes Lestrade
Mrs. Mable Williams-Burton
Rev. Fr. Charles Vermeulen, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Miss Phyllis Laudat
Hemmaud Emmus Leslie, Esq.
Arborfield Gillis Rabess, Esq.
Long Service Medal Asst. Supt. Antoine Defoe, Esq.
Norman Letang, Esq.
2003 Dominica Award of Honour The Carib People
Sisserou Award of Honour Dr. Edward Watty, Esq.
Dr Gerald A.C. Grell, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Louisa Benoit
Mrs. Bertha Toulon
Godfrey Etienne, Esq.
Kelleb J. Laurent, ESq.
Cecil Larocque, Esq.
Alvin Giorgi, ESq.
Mrs. Delia Matilda Grell
Midnight Groovers
Services Medal of Honour Ms. Justina John-Lewis
McDonald Bannis, Esq.
Purcell Christian, Esq.
Clayton Vincent Balthazar, Esq.
Lions Club of Dominica
Small Projects Assistance Team (SPAT)
Long Service Medal Ted Daley, Esq.
Ms. Githa Titre
Mrs. Euella Samuel
Lennard Samuel, Esq.
Patrickson Albert, Esq.
Stafford Vigilante, Esq.
Cyprien Defoe, Esq.
Stebbin Anselm, Esq.
2004 Sisserou Award of Honour Dr. Bernard a. Sorhaindo, Esq.
Gerry Aird, Esq.
Swinburne Lestrade, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Raymond Lawrence, Esq.
Ms. Marie Brown
Francis Richards, Esq.
Neville Wade, Esq.
Mrs. Janice Armour
Ms. Vena McDougal
Mrs. Annette St. Hilaire
Mrs. Flossie Joseph
Thomas Kentish, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Alpha Centre
Social Centre
John Alexis, Esq.
Mrs. Virginia Austrie-Roberts
Mrs. Dorothy Leevy
Arthur James, Esq.
Alphonse Francis, Esq.
Mrs. Rita Desabaye
Long Service Medal Henry Hypolite, Esq.
Mrs. Hartie Mason
Cecil Peters, Esq.
Burleigh Bruno, Esq.
Ainsworth Irish, Esq.
Mrs. Charlotte Joseph
Mrs. Hilma Dominique-Solomon
Ms. Celia Blaize
2005 Sisserou Award of Honour Conrad McIntyre, Esq.
Dr. Phillip Griffin
Hon. Urban Baron, Esq.
Henry “Babs” Dyer, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Juliet Lewis
Heskeith Alexander, Esq.
Rudolph Thomas & Sons
Kenneth Samuel, Esq.
Mrs. Helen Nanthan
Henry George, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Mrs. Camilita Warrington
Harlem Sports Club
Peter Augustine, Esq.
Shaden John, Esq.
Mrs. Audrey Thomas
Long Service Medal Mrs. Clemence Pemberton
Mrs. Edith Laurent
Mrs. Emelda James
Sergeant Peter Defoe, Esq.
Corporal Philmon Fagan, Esq
2006 Dominica Award of Honour Caricom
Franklyn Andrew Merrifield Baron, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Louis Gabriel, Esq.
Hon. Charles Savarin, Esq.
Dr. Dorian Shillingford, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Olivia Douglas
Monsignor William John-Lewis, Esq.
Whitnel Louis, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour DARDA
Willie Fevrier, Esq.
Francis Jones Thomas, Esq.
Cavaliers Sports Club
Austel Anselm, Esq.
Henry Eugene Letang, Esq.
Long Service Medal Mrs. Josephine Bethel
Julien Jno. Baptiste, Esq.
John Francis Alvin Abraham, Esq.
2007 Sisserou Award of Honour Francis Osborne Riviere, Esq.
Father Charles Vermeulen
Ignatius “Nasio” Fontaine, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Ralph Stanley Fadelle, Esq.
Jerome Baron, Esq.
Patrick Aaron, Esq.
John Irving McIntyre, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour James Frederick, Esq.
Mrs. Angela Myrtle Lawrence
Mrs. Ena Burton
Mrs. Marguerite Bascombe, MBE
Maurice Audaine, Esq.
Mrs. Joan Cools-Latigue
Long Service Medal Algernon Charter, Esq.
Sergeant Clement Green, Esq.
Mrs. Helena Warrington
2008 Dominica Award of Honour H.E. Fidel Castro Ruz, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Most Reverend Joseph Oliver Bowers, Esq.
Vanoulst Jno.Charles, Esq.
The Convent High School
Dr. William E.V. Green, Esq.
Justice Irving Andre, Esq.
Anderson Jolly, Esq.
Gordon Moreau, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Windward Caribbean Kulture (WCK) Band
Ms. Sonia Delia Williams
Joffre Faustin, Esq.
Clifford Osborne Lewis, ESq.
Ms. Pearl Christian
Mrs. Nathalie Murphy
Commonwealth Of Dominica Ontario Association
Alvin Knight, Esq.
Phillip Horsford, Esq.
Felix Cherdieu d'Alexis & Catharina Cherdieu d'Alexis
Services Medal of Honour Mally Peltier,Esq.
Ms. Martha Wilson
Bougart Joseph, Esq.
Mrs. Nathalie Sampson
Vincent Younis, Esq.
Evans Guavo, Esq.
Long Service Medal Thomas Daley, Esq.
Albert Williams, Esq.
Silvarious Cadette, Esq.
Jackson Claude Pascal, Esq.
Mrs. Bernadette Prosper
Ms. Ruth Jannah Theodica Theodore
Phillip Matthew, Esq.
2009 Sisserou Award of Honour Eliud T. Williams, Esq.
Mrs. Jennifer Orlista White
Grayson Shillingford, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Deryck 'Hunter' St. Rose, Esq.
Peter Norman Letang, Esq.
Mrs. Alma Cools-Latigue
Mrs. Hyacinth White-Thomas
John Augustus Charles, Esq.
Garfield Ambo, Esq.
Ms. Philomen Sharplis
Emile Lancelot, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Mrs. Leng Sorhaindo
Mr. Francois Bannis and the Hummingbirds Band
Ms. Noreen Joseph
Lewis Luke, Esq.
Mrs. Eileen Rita Shillingford
Ms. Marie-Aline Leopoldie
Angelo 'Fufu' Charles, Esq.
Mrs. Cynthia Morvan
Mrs. Cynthia Albertine Bernabe
Ms. Rebecca Eusebe
Long Service Medal Chaucer Doctrove, Esq.
Mrs. Cecelia Shillingford
Julie Barnabas Williams, Esq.
David Andrew, Esq.
Ethelred Gerard 'Cap' Burton, Esq.
Jones Eusebe, Esq.
Ms. Agathine Joseph
2010 Sisserou Award of Honour Curtis R.T.Tongue, Esq.
Edward Lambert, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Henry Volney, Esq.
Mrs Celia Nicholas
Anthony Cuffy, Esq.
Reuben Luke, Esq.
Evander Joseph,Esq.
Mrs. Valentine Johnson
Services Medal of Honour Thaddeus Ferrol, Esq.
Mrs. Beatrice Green
Villeneuve E. St.Ville, Esq.
Carlton Peters, Esq.
Mrs. Merlyn Jno.Baptiste
Long Service Medal Jones Lawrence, Esq.
Mrs. Patricia Shillingford
2011 Sisserou Award of Honour John Fabien, Esq.
Damien Dublin, Esq.
The Eastern Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventist
Meritorious Service Award Arthur Massicot, Esq.
Michael Murphy, Esq.
Ms. Marvlyn Birmingham
Panaleon St Clair Mitchell, Esq.
Oliver Sanderson, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Bingsworth Casimir, Esq.
Antoine Raffoul, Esq.
Ms. Lyn Edwards
Loverty Greenaway, Esq.
Long Service Medal Miss Vyleen Hazel
Glenford Andrew, Esq.
2012 Dominica Award of Honour H.E. Eliud Thaddeus Williams, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Leo Jules Bernard Nicholas, Esq.
George Alexander Royer, Esq.
Meritorious Service Award Bishop Michael Bill Daniel, Esq.
Clement Montgomery Carty, Esq.
Fred Anthony Nicholas, Esq.
Stephenson Hyacinth, Esq.
Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH) Mission
The Dominica Association of St. Thomas Inc.
Rawlings Franklyn Adolphus Jemmot, Esq.
Services Medal of Honour Ms. Renata Siegenthaler
Algernon Elias Fingal, Esq.
Austin Harris, Esq.
Harold Albert Sealey, Esq.
Long Service Medal Ms. Joan James
Peterson Austrie, Esq.
2013 Dominica Award of Honour Charles Angelo Savarin, Esq.
Sisserou Award of Honour Mrs. Valena Geraldine Letang
Waddy Astaphans, Esq.
Mrs. Alix Boyd Knights
The George Karam Family
Meritorious Service Award Kelly Williams, Esq.
Mrs. Vinna Delia Royer
Mrs. Roselyn Canoville
Mrs. Theodora Joseph
Services Medal of Honour Mrs. Rosetta Fevrier
Arlington James, Esq.
Josley Jean-Pierre Prince, Esq.
Mickael Ferrol, Esq.
Charles Walters, Esq.
Ernest Phillip Pascal, Esq.
Davidson John, Esq.
Henrick Ronald Aaron, Esq.
Long Service Medal Bernard Darroux, Esq.
2014 Sisserou Award of Honour Mrs. Jennifer Wallace Lafond
Hendrick R. Paul, Esquire
Meritorious Service Award Ms. Winnifred Valencia Webb
Mrs. Anne Timothy
Ms. Jean Joseph
Mrs. Bernadette George Francis
Danley Guye, Esquire
Anthony Glovello Toussaint, Esquire
Services Medal of Honour Morris Vivian Cyrille, Esquire
Cyrille James, Esquire
Don Leogal, Esquire
Andre Charles, Esquire
Jeffrey Francis Charles, Esquire
Julius Darroux, Esquire
Ms. Andriena Henderson
Sensei Shannah Robin, Esquire
Long Service Medal Mrs. Linda Vigilante Joseph
Ms. Juliana Commodore
Ms. June Joseph
2015 Dominica Award Of Honour Dr. Carissa F. Etienne
Sisserou Award of Honour Anthony Waddy Astaphan, Esquire
Meritorious Service Award Francis Emanuel, Esquire
Andreas "Andy" Burkard, Esquire
Akel Hanna Raffoul, Esquire
Clifford Parillon, Esquire
Mrs. Zetma Augustine Toussaint
Mrs. Josette Maria Jno. Baptiste
Benoit Bardouille, Esquire
McCarthy Marie, Esquire
Wilson Brumant, Esquire
Services Medal of Honour Allan John, Esquire
Mrs. Cylma Agnes Cuffy
First Serenade Band
2016 Long Service Award Ms. Josephine Jno. Lewis
Ms. Christianie Bully
Ms. Althea Phillip
Mr. Cyrus Edwards
Sisserou Award of Honour Prof. Sir Hiliary Beckles
Dr. Curvin Ferrieira
H.E. Ambassador Julius Timothy
H.E. Ambassador Irwin Larocque
Mrs. Jennifer Astaphan
Mr. Cecil Shillingford
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Madura Walters (Sec. Cab.)
Mrs. Margaret Albertha Jno. Baptiste (Sec. Cab.)
Mr. Christopher Pacquette
Mr. Paul Alexander (Mrs. Gloria Shillingford will receive award on behalf of Mr. Paul Alexander)
Dr. John Toussaint
Mr. Charles Watty
Father Michel Favalier
Father Jacob Ettienne Guiste
Mrs. Glenda Williams-Bertrand
Services Medal of Honour Mr. Delvin Esprit
2018 Dominica Award of Honour Dr. Lennox Honychurch
Sisserou Award Hubert J. Charles
Valantine Poponne
Frances E. Delsol
Kelly B. Graneau
Rev. Fr Charles Martin
Meritorious Service Award Curtis F. Matthew
Emanuel Loblack
Cleve F. Tavernier
Parry Roy Bellot
Clement Joseph Harve
Jacinta Bannis
L' Express Des Isles
Gerard Cools-Lartigue
Leroy 'Wadix' Charles
Job Joseph
Long Service Award Ronald F. Charles
Melanie Francois
Rosemund Ismael
Jones Joan Anestasie Aaron
Barbara Tonge
2020 Sisserou Award of Honour Mrs. Stella Leblanc
Mr. Ronald Milner Green
H.E. Lennox Lawrence
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Priscilla Prevost
Mr. Gregory Rabess
Mr. Gregory Shillingford
Mr. Telford Shillingford
Mr. Clyde Lester Ferreira
Mr. Kervin Stephenson
Mr. Martin Anthony Scotland
Services Medal of Honour Mr. Luther R. D. Martin
Mr. Andrew Durand
Mr. Timothy Moses
Miss Sonia Felix
Mr. Mervin Alexander
2021 Dominica Award of Honor United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Sisserou Award of Honour Her Excellency Loreen Ruth Bannis Roberts
Paul Ainsley Green, Esq
Maria Holder Memorial Trust
Meritorious Service Award Mrs. Rosemund Edwards
Regina Joseph Lestrade
Hasselt Williams, Esq
Mr. Richard Letang, Esq
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Services Medal of Honour Mr. Kelvin Francis, Esq
Mrs. Lorana Yvette Jno Baptsite
Mr. Oliver St. John, Esq
Mr. Peterson Bardouille, Esq
Long Service Medal Mrs Veronica Cuffy
Mr. Anthony Richards, Esq
Mr. Charles Richards, Esq
Mr. Vivian Thomas. Esq